Brian Tierney Exits the Inquirer. Again.

Unlikely the former publisher will take a more prominent rule at the paper.

Just a day after Ralph Cipriano reported former publisher Brian Tierney was back at the Inquirer on a $25,000-a-month advertising gig, Tierney is reportedly out again.

Cipriano reported Tuesday night:  “What a difference a day makes. On Monday, this blog reported The Philadelphia Inquirer was paying former publisher Brian Tierney $25,000 a month to run a national advertising campaign that flopped. Today, according to two sources, the newspaper fired Tierney.”

At the Inquirer, Thomas Fitzgerald reports: “Tierney called the loss of his sales and marketing consulting contract “collateral damage of institutional infighting” that has spurred lawsuits among the owners of Interstate General Media. In a statement, he said, ‘All of those we worked with at The Inquirer have not only been pleased but delighted by the results we have generated.'”

Tierney’s return—and rumored return to a more prominent role at the newspaper—prompted protests from the Newspaper Guild, which represents the journalists of the Inquirer, Daily News, and The union blames Tierney for steering the company into bankruptcy in 2009, and particularly for taking and bestowing lavish bonuses on top executives while reporters were asked to forgo $25-a-weeek raises.

Well now. Bill Marimow has come and gone. Brian Tierney has come and gone. Which other figure form the Inquirer’s recent past can go to work for the paper again, only to be fired again?