Wait, the Sixers Have a Rap Group?

Meet team WHOP (or what's left of it).

Peruse GQ’s NBA preview and you’ll come across this little nugget: “Meanwhile, four Sixers guards have a rap group: Team WHOP, which is a great choice for a city with Philly’s ethnic make-up. They need to do something productive with their time, y’know?”

Here’s their debut video, which is half-mixtape/half-documentary, featuring some high praise from Evan Turner: “They’re alright. They’ve got their own stuff, some better than others.” The group features rookies Vander Blue, Khalif Wyatt, Michael Carter-Williams, along with elder statesman sophomore Tony Wroten.

News of WHOP’s existence comes at just the right time, since the Sixers just cut their most entertaining/enigmatic player, Royce White. Unfortunately, along with White, they also cut half of WHOP. Tony, Michael, keep the dream alive!