Jay Paterno Considering Run for Congress

It's a heavily Republican seat.

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Joe Paterno was a staunch Republican–he introduced George H.W. Bush at the 1988 Republican convention. His son Jay, a fan of Obama, is a Democrat, and is reportedly considering a run for Congress.

The district–Pennsylvania’s fifth–is the most rural in the state, and has gone Republican every election since 1973, before it was redistricted. Paterno, a former coach at Penn State with no political experience, would be facing incumbent Glenn “GT” Thompson. These latest reports derive from news of a speech Treasurer Rob McCord gave in early October in Centre County during which he publicly urged Paterno to run.

What Paterno has going for him. A. Name recognition; B. Given that Tom Corbett is something of a nemesis for Paterno supporters, it’ll help to be running against a Republican on the same ticket as the governor. C. It’s on his home turf–there’s no chance he loses the State College/campus vote, especially if he can get students to register there and turn out.