Bucks Co. High School Paper Disavows “Redskin” Team Name

What, does *everybody* hate racist mascots?

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Criticizing the Washington Redskins for their racially insensitive team name has become a cause celebre lately. The president’s jumped on the bandwagon, and several well-respected DC-based publications are refusing to print the name altogether. Neshaminy’s high school newspaper has adopted the cause too, with respect to its own mascot.

Whether it’s the most basic dictionary definitions , the opinions of many Native Americans, or a more in-depth look at the word’s origins, the evidence suggesting that ‘Redskin’ is a term of honor is severely outweighed by the evidence suggesting that it is a term of hate. It is for these reasons that The Playwickian editorial board has decided it will no longer use the word ‘Redskin,’ or any derivative such as “‘Skins” within its pages in reference to the students or sports teams of Neshaminy High School.

Meanwhile, the Neshaminy School Board has asked the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to drop a complaint about the team name made by a high schooler’s parent who claims Native American ancestry.

H/t Newsworks