Adventures in Blingified Dentistry

"We have put gold teeth on dentures actually."

Fox 29 reports that the seemingly played-out “grillz” phenomenon has instead expanded to mothers and even senior citizens.

Local dentists say they’re surprised by the kinds of dental bling requests they’re getting.

“We have put gold teeth on dentures actually,” Dr. William Greenberg of Mount Holly Family Dentistry said. “To my eye, it looks like you’re wearing a denture made by a welder. I’m still surprised that that’s popular. I don’t do them. I try to talk people out of them,” he adds.

Greenberg said this kind of art will stay in place for months as long as you’re careful not to bite hard or eat sticky foods on the blingy side of your mouth.

The costume jewels can cost $25 to $50 and then, with application, a couple hundreddollars.

Not everybody’s a fan. One dentist quoted in the story says such efforts can actually hurt your teeth. “It’s something I have been asked many times,” said  Dr. Leonard Tau, “and I will never do.”