SMIZE QUEEN: Frazzled Kitties, Horny Elephants and an Elimination Twist

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant

At the top of the episode, Tyra surpises the models by gathering them for a much-needed therapy sesh, or what she calls chakra-aligning. When Marvin breaks down in tears, Tyra consoles his weepy ways by giving him the confidence boost he so desperately needs. Throughout the rest of the session, Jourdan unveils her deep insecurities; Cory gushes over Momma Tyra, reminding her that the gays love her; and Jeremy scores some pointers on what to do with his buff bod. (I’ll tell you what you can do with that buff bod!) Then things come to a halt when the emotional tension between Nina and Chris is revealed, leaving Nina even more of a frazzled-puss than ever before. Poor kitty.

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant

MAIN CHALLENGE: The models take to the gorgeous rice paddy fields of rural Bali for a photo shoot of “green looks” created by two Indonesian designers. One designer is Rafi, an 11-year-old deaf prodigy whose work is pretty sickening. On the set, Jourdan steps in snake shit, and Cory aces the challenge with his fierce androgyny. At the end, it is revealed that there will be no mini challenge and that the only scores for this will comprise only main challenge and social media marks. Yikes abound.


ROMANCE BREAK: Things heat up on a pachyderm when budding showmancers Marvin and Renee, or, as Cory coins it, “Marnee,” get smoochy. During an elephant ride, the two lock lips, showing us all that they found love in a hopeless place.

DRAMA BREAK: When a limited number of beds have to be divvied up by the tribe, Chris feels singled out and ostracized yet again. Shut the hell up, bitch. You in Bali! You should be happy to sleep on the floor.

SURPRISE BREAK: At panel, Tyra makes jaws drop when she reveals that this is a double-elimination week. Gasp!


TOPS: Jourdan (pictured, above) gets top photo yet again, with Marvin close behind. Boring.


BOTTOMS: Despite being the leader two weeks in a row, Nina (pictured, above) finds herself in the bottom for having an awkward photograph. But … really?! The bottom?! Girl has been turning it from the beginning. Even Tyra was baffled by the outcome. Joining her was muscle hunk Jeremy and drama king Chris. In the end, Nina (WHAT?) and Jeremy (duh.) were sent back to the states, much to the chagrin of Chris and Cory.


CORY WATCH: Cory channeled his uniqueness this week to set him apart and it worked to his advantage. Instead of trying to blend in with forced masculinity, he took some risks to show that his androgyny makes him special. He stayed out of the drama mix yet again, but with Nina gone and scenes from next week’s episode revealed, it looks like he may find himself at the eye of the storm. Regardless, home queen is in the top five and with three episodes left, he just may be the Philadelphia’s first winner of Top Model.