The International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference Hits Philly Tomorrow

And they're bring all the toys along, including militarized troop carriers that look like they belong in the Dark Knight.


Photo courtesy of IAG.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center will play host tomorrow to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (aka IACP 2013), slipping in quietly amidst the debut of the Philly cops’ new spokescanine. But where there’s police chiefs, there’s brutal police-state machinery on display—so, err, it’s not all bad?

Chief among the post-apocalyptic hoard-control vehicles set to be displayed tomorrow is the International Armor Group’s Sentinel Tactical Response Vehicle, an armored personnel carrier-type vehicle with a bonus mounted gun on top.

For, you know, crowd control—this being Gotham during the reign of the Joker and all. City Paper has the deets:

IAG spokesman Hetal Kara confirmed the vehicle would be making an appearance at the IACP, and said the Sentinel was designed for “police departments, Homeland Security or the Army”. A demonstration video shows the craft tooling around in the UAE, presumably trying to get as close to Middle Eastern battlefields as possible. What use a local police department might have for a vehicle whose primary selling points are its ability to withstand armor-piercing rounds and roadside mine blasts in the desert wasn’t totally clear.

and armor-piercing rounds? This one might actually make it through the day in Philly. [City PaperOh, it can survive mine blasts ]