SMIZE QUEEN: The Models Go to Bali

We’re getting pretty far into Cycle 20 of Top Model, which can only mean one thing: A trip! This season, Tyra sent the remaining models to the tropical oasis of Bali, a place that she said transformed her life. Does that mean we’ll see big changes in the TM house? Or will things continue in their regular high-drama fashion? Lo-cal brownie points to whomever guessed the latter.

ARRIVAL: The models settled into their gorgeous villa, where sheltered Jourdan was dumbfounded by everything she saw. This only left her prey to criticism from the other, cattier models. Later, in the pool, Marvin and Jeremy ganged up on Chris H. for bombing the last challenge, where, thanks to a high score from Kelly Cutrone, he was able to eke by to safety. When the sun went down, the cameras found Marvin and Renee snuggling, proving that this budding romance just may be getting hotter in the humid climate of Bali.

MINI-CHALLENGE: The contestants had to model a line of swimwear on a catwalk that was underwater. (Oh, Tyra!) In giant fish-bowl scuba helmets, the models all strutted their stuff under the sea — well, except for Nina and Don, who opted out for health reasons. Jourdan (pictured, above), Renee and Chris H. impressed the judges with their underwater runway attitudes, but it was Renee who got top score, yet again beating Jourdan at a runway challenge.

MAIN CHALLENGE: The models had to pose with jungle creatures while trying to embody the spirit of an animal themselves. Philadelphia pride Cory modeled with an ape and mimicked it flawlessly, but Jourdan couldn’t quite follow suit. Scaredy cat Renee was scared shitless of her baby leopard, while Jeremy’s (pictured, above) shirtless poses were some of his best. Both Chris H. and Marvin looked awkward with their cockteaus and got called out for being to “draggy.” Nina sobbed after her shoot with a python, worrying she wasn’t good enough to continue in the competition.

DRAMA: Lovebirds Renee and Marvin got in a spat when the former complimented Jeremy on a job well done. Jealous Marvin hurled some insults back and forth until Cory stepped in to remind him to keep it professional on set. Snap!

TOPS: Despite her doubts, Nina (pictured, above) won for the second week in a row. The judges loved the way she was able to become entangled in a yellow python and still keep it model-y. And those eyes!

BOTTOMS: Don and Marvin were in the bottom, and much to everyone’s surprise, Marvin won by a narrow margin. Sexual and sensual Don will do just fine on his own, though, especially considering he’s followed by over quarter-million admirers on Instagram (@itsdonbenjamin).

SOUND BYTE: “I’m gonna get my Britney moment!” — Nina when posing with a python like Ms. Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards.

CORY WATCH: Cory got some shade during the swimsuit challenge for not having a bodacious bathing-suit bod. But his low mini-challenge score didn’t phase him, because in the main challenge he turned out an outstanding shot. Our boy continues to stay off the drama radar while getting better each week, so I’m going to go ahead and bet that he snags a spot in the top five.