Nutter Donors Have No Clue Why They’re Donating to Nutter

Don't seem to care.


The Daily News has a great headline this morning: “Donors at Mayor Nutter fundraiser not sure why they’re there.” As we noted a little while ago, Mike Nutter’s organized a fundraiser that some speculated might serve to pad his war chest for a potential 2016 U.S. Senate run. Well, if that’s the case, the attendees of said fundraiser–which took place last night at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts–don’t seem to be in on the news.

Sipping wine and schmoozing alongside timeless paintings of George Washington, many donors said they were just there to support the mayor no matter what he’s after. Asked about rumors surrounding a political operative’s registration of the Web domains and, donors said they had no idea but would be happy to see him run.

For his part, the mayor said he was raising the cash to help out officeholders and candidates he supports.