The Tale of the Mayor and the Heroin Dealer

A.C. mayor accused of knowing about drug dealing on city property.

Some inflammatory testimony came out of an A.C. courtroom yesterday.

“[Former Atlantic City prosecutor Ted] Housel believed Mayor Lorenzo Langford may have known about a city employee dealing heroin on city property. The former prosecutor was also disturbed to see the mayor talking to known drug dealers at the scene of a drug-related double homicide, he testified.”

A former cop is suing the city, alleging he was demoted for being a whistle-blower; the heroin testimony is part of a larger case the plaintiff is making regarding the city’s dysfunction. Mayor Langford shot back against the allegations. “No doubt [Housel] would’ve loved to connect me to any kind of impropriety or criminal activity,” he said. “Maybe stuff like this is the reason why he is the former prosecutor.” [Press of Atlantic City]