Newtown Police Want Penn State Kids to Take Their Cancer-Fighting Fundraiser Elsewhere, Thank You

Bah! Humbug!

You there! With the altruistic nature and giving heart! FREEZE!

You there! With the altruistic nature and giving heart! FREEZE!

One of our favorite things in regional media is reading the blotter items from the Newtown Township Police Department. Where else are we going to learn about efforts to disperse “large groups of juveniles” who are loitering after the football game?

Still, this item seems a little mean-spirited:

“At approximately 8 a.m. an officer witnessed several students from Penn State University soliciting money on Sycamore Street on behalf of THON and pediatric cancer research. Officers were aware that police had received several calls from representatives from the university asking about laws regulating the ‘canning practice’ and had been advised that the activity is illegal. The officer advised the group leader of the law and provided them with a copy of the statute. The students left the roadway and no further incidents were observed.”

Well, and thank God the Newtown Township Police Department is here to save citizens from the horrors of being asked to contribute money to save children from dying of cancer. These are the kinds of violations that just make a place less livable, right? THON has reportedly raised more than $100 million for pediatric cancer research over the decades—but we’re guessing that few of those dollars have come from Newtown Township. [Bucks Local]