Pittsburgh Art Exhibit Is Giving People Seizures

Also: The Steelers are 0-4!

The Frick collections. The Carnegie Museum of Art. Andy Warhol. Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. We have to admit that Pittsburgh, for all its yinzerness, has some serious artistic cred. But we still can’t resist, um, shaking our heads at one recent installation that was causing viewers to experience seizures. After the third such attack was reported, the installation–Zee, by Austrian artist Kurt Hentschlager–was officially shut down. Not that the yinzers weren’t warned!

Before entering, patrons must sign a waiver that describes the exhibit as “intense stroboscopic light in combination with thick artificial fog, resulting in a loss of spatial orientation.” The waiver says that the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the artist can’t be held responsible for any injuries.

Above, a video of “Zee” that will explain everything. #Barnes4Life. [Tribune-Review]