Penn’s Brightest Minds Put Expensive Ivy League Education to Work Designing Hack-Proof Party App

The Daily Pennsylvanian brings us news of TheRedCup, the most secure party app ever designed by human brains. Thank God the parents of these fine students got them into exclusive preschools and SAT prep classes; they’ve used those advantages carefully, clearly.

TheRedCup, a mobile app that lists all parties on campus in one place, aims to fill the gap between those who want to party and those who throw the parties. Since it was launched Aug. 20, it’s gotten 3,000 downloads and 2,000 users.

To login to TheRedCup to check or post events, users must have an undergraduate email address as well as a valid Facebook account.

“[The police] definitely cannot access it. It requires an undergraduate student email, not any Penn email address,” Engineering sophomore and co-founder Utkarsh Shah, said. “If an administrative staff wants to log into it, he or she wouldn’t be able to.”

Hey remember the time Penn students got huffy about PhillyMag jokes about Penn drinking? Glub-glub, guys!