Warehouse Fire Leaves “Rotting Meat Smell” Behind

During the Dietz & Watson warehouse fire a few weeks back, we openly wondered—after we were assured there had been no loss of life—if all that burning meat smelled, well, delicious. We never got a straight answer then, but it’s clear at this point the answer is exactly opposite: The site is now filling the surrounding neighborhood with the stench of rotting meat that can be deetected for “miles around.” CBS3 reports:

“Take a ride from Delran all the way into Delanco and you just smell it,” neighbor Lyle Moyer said.

Moyer lives near the former factory and says the smell can be overwhelming. He and his neighbors are thankful for the ongoing cleanup and he for one is at peace with the steaming debris.

NBC10 adds:

Some neighbors say the stench has invaded the entire area.

“Rotting meat…just rotting meat…flesh smell, just burning,” said Brian Iwanicki of Delanco.

Kathy Morgan, who lives more than a mile away in Beverly, can smell it too.

“I actually had to cover my face to bring my dog outside. Yes, it was that putrid,” said Morgan. ““It’s horrible, it’s just horrible and they are saying that it’s OK for us to breathe, but I don’t believe it.”

Tara Howard says her children have had asthma trouble ever since the fire.

“The smell was almost a hazard. My youngest has asthma, and it was hard for him to breathe a couple of nights in there,” said Howard.

And thus was a generation of Pennsylvania vegetarians born.