Those Invalid Montco Gay Marriage Licenses? Still Valid

Homosexuals, like 12-year-olds, cannot marry, which makes the licenses issued to them in Montgomery county invalid—or so goes the word from the Tom Corbett Gang. Judge Dante Pellegrini even backed him up, ruling last week that the Montco register of wills must stop issuing licenses. And therein, for attorney Dan Clifford, lies the rub:

A Norristown attorney says yesterday’s decision by a Pennsylvania Commonwealth judge may have stopped any more licenses from being issued to same-sex couples in Montgomery County, but those that have been issued cannot be taken back.

That’s right: married gay people are still legally married, even if some people say they aren’t. Na-na na-na boo-boo.

Couples who made license applications but didn’t yet receive licenses, unfortunately, are still out in the cold, but Clifford’s look at Pellegrini’s ruling could help them in the long-run, too. Gotta love those legal loopholes.

Soon, hopefully, we won’t need them, though: A federal panel will begin reviewing Whitewood v. Corbett suit next month, a direct challenge to Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act. [CBS]