This Year’s Freshman Class Is Temple’s Smartest Ever

This doesn’t make any sense. I thought millennials were stupid and lazy. Looks like we’ll need to tweak the national narrative—at least here in Philly—thanks to the class of 2017.

Temple’s largest class in five years, this year’s freshman class outscored all previous classes in standardized and academic testing in high school, according to statistics from the university.

That’s a 4,400-strong group, joined by an additional 2,700 transfer students this fall. Their average SAT score is 1129 on the 1600 point scale, which represents a 20-point increase over last year. The average GPA: 3.44. In short, these kids are smaaaaaart.

Don’t let that get you down, though, Boomers: They’re still facing crushing debt and ever-rising tuition costs. So, you’ve won this round. [Temple News]