UPDATED: George Zimmerman Taken Into Custody in Florida After “Incident with Gun”

Following news of his wife’s recent divorce plans, George Zimmerman has been arrested in Central Florida after police responded to a report that that the high-profile neighborhood watchman had gotten into an altercation with another individual involving a firearm.

No other details are currently available, but appears to be the most serious legal trouble Zimmerman has gotten into since his acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Besides the divorce and this incident, Zimmerman has only been pulled over for speeding in that time. The first time, he had a handgun stashed in his glovebox.

The Orlando Sentinel’s Jeff Weiner reports that police are investigating a potential domestic battery situation, though no one involved was seriously injured. Whether any arrests will be made in the incident has yet to be decided, according to a police spokesperson—which, admittedly, sounds a little too familiar. [Epoch Times]

UPDATE: Police are now reporting that this incident is stemming from an alternation between Zimmerman, his wife, and her father in which he allegedly threatened the pair with a firearm: