Don’t Feel Bad About Footing the Bill for Corbett’s Lawyer in PA Marriage Ban Case

An attorney on the right side says it's run-of-the-mill, and he expects to kick butt, anyway.

Mean ol' Corbett.

News came out of Governor Corbett’s office this week that it has hired former Supreme Court justice Bill Lamb to lead the state in its defense of Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban — and his services are costing us tax payers quite a pretty penny. reports that Lamb will be paid $400 an hour for his legal services, and his associates will make $325 an hour.

The fact that we’ll be shelling out the dough to foot the bill is hard swallow, so I reached out to Mark Aronchick, an attorney from Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller who, along with ACLU Pennsylvania, is on the team challenging Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban, to see if he could shine some light on the subject. He told me to brush it off, that it’s well within the governor’s right “to engage in outside lawyers. It’s been happening for decades.” 

Aronchick followed up saying that Lamb is an excellent lawyer and that the case is worthy of the best legal experts on both sides, but, and here’s the kicker: “I personally don’t care who the governor brings in, because whomever he brings in is going to have a very hard case to make.”


Aronchick says the legal teams are meeting with the judge on September 30, where he expects to be given a schedule of the court proceedings. Stay tuned!

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