L&I Says Goldtex’s Lofts Are Not for Living In

Trouble continues for the Pestronk brothers today, though not from the usual union sources sabotaging their properties. This time, the ire is on the part of L&I, who recently paid a visit to the Post Brothers property to OK occupancy of the Goldtex building’s eight floor while the building is under construction.

Turns out some units have lofts included, which reps have been billing as living spaces despite approval from L&I to use them only as utility spaces. Liz Spikol breaks it down on our Property blog:

According to L&I, the lofts are approved as utility spaces, not living spaces, but a Goldtex sales rep tells the undercover reporter that the loft can be used as a bedroom with a twin or double bed. This, says Post Bros. co-owner Mike Pestronk, is an error on the rep’s part, as is a listings photo that portrays the loft as a living space.

The lofts’ pull-down stairways, in the opinion of one firefighter union rep, pose a substantial hazard in the event of a fire because they could block inhabitants from making their way out of the building. Matt Pestronk has not yet commented on the matter. [Property]