NFL, Concussed Players Reach $765 Million Settlement in Concussions Case

Following US District Judge Anita Brody’s order for NFL players and officials to enter mediation talks in the ongoing concussions case early last month, a settlement has officially been reached—to the tune of $765 million.

Though tentative, officials disclosed the settlement today in a court filing, with Brody writing that the money will go towards “concussion-related compensation,” legal fees and medical research. More than 4,200 former players will be compensated, which works out to about $18,000 a person to pay for medical and legal fees, along with research.

News of the settlement comes just about a week before the NFL is set to start off their season opener. An abrupt end, however, was welcome in this case, with NFL officials expecting the case to overtake the $9-billion-a-year organization.

Now, who’s ready for some football? []

UPDATE: Turns out Philly is all over this case, with lead attorney Gene Locks, founder of the local Locks Law Firm, representing the plaintiffs. Locks, a Princeton grad, filled the quarterback position for a number of seasons in the late ’50s—so, as he says, he knows “what it’s like to get your bell rung.” He just didn’t get $18,000 for putting up with it. [Business Week]