Hey Kids: Ixnay on the Rinkingday at “Made in America” This Weekend, OK?

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that the “Made in America” festival will be filled with narcs!

Undercover state police officers, like those who cited 31 students at Spring Fling in April, will patrol the Made in America music festival this weekend, looking for liquor law violations such as underage consumption of alcohol.

Officers, who will be dressed in both plain clothes and uniforms, will work with the Philadelphia Police Department to issue citations — and, when necessary, arrests — to individuals in violation of the law, said Dan Steele, the district commander of the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.

They will look for a range of liquor law violations, including underage consumption and sale of alcohol to minors.

On a completely unrelated note, here is PhillyMag’s second annual “Made in America” Drinking Game.

Don’t worry, though, kids. You can smoke all the weed you want without fear of arrest.*

*Not actually true.