Chris Christie Tells the World He Hates the Phillies

Earlier today, I posted some footage of Chris Christie going off on a poor Jets beat reporter. But…there’s more! Four hours more, in fact, from the Governor’s stint as a sports radio host this morning. The Inky’s Christie man Matt Katz chronicled a whole list of salacious morsels. Here’s one that won’t go over well with the South Jersey crowd.

“If there’s any team that I hate almost as much as the Yankees, it’s the Philadelphia Phillies.” He also said Ruben Amaro is an “awful” general manager, and Charlie Manuel’s firing was handled “disgracefully.”

Well, maybe just the first sentence. Hard to find any die-hards who disagree with the rest of that statement. At any rate, whatever Phillies fans he alienates, he’s sure to warm the hearts of Yankees fans with this one.

Yankees announcer [Suzyn] Waldman is “God awful” and her co-announcer John Sterling “turns my stomach.”

As someone who may or may not be a card-carrying subject of the Evil Empire, I whole-heartedly agree. [Inquirer]