Hillary Clinton Will Visit Philly Three Times This Fall, So Ed Rendell’s Year Is Made

CBS Philly reports that Hillary Clinton will visit Philadelphia three times this fall, and that Ed Rendell has her back.

Former Governor and former DNC chief Ed Rendell — a longtime Clinton booster — says this scheduling is purely happenstance, and not about shoring up support in a key region.

“I don’t think there are any political overtones at all,” Rendell said. “In fact, this is demonstrative of the fact that Hillary Clinton can be the one public official who can be relevant without holdingoffice.”

Here’s Clinton’s schedule: She’s picking up the Liberty Medal in September, then giving speeches to the Pennsylvania Conference for Women and the U.S. Green Building Conference in November. Not necessarily political—until you remember that everything she does in public will be automatically seen as political until the day comes she’s no longer a plausible candidate for president.