Dead Man Granted Wish to “Make It Rain” Money From a Helicopter

NBC 10 reports that the late Leonard Maull was this week granted his dying wish to “make it rain”—$10,000 was thrown out the door of a helicopter over Lewes Harbor Marina in Delaware.

A group of kids were definitely in the right place at the right time. They had just arrived back to the harbor from a pirate boat tour when they got their hands on some real-life “booty.”

“From what I understand, there was a 5-year-old that got more than $500,” said Smith. “They made out good.”

As for the man at the center of it all, Leonard Maull, he was fairly well known around town. He owned Henlopen Bait & Tackle for 25 years before selling it in 2000. After that, he enjoyed hanging out at the marina with the local fishermen.

Unfortunately, we can never hear this kind of story without thinking of this: