WATCH: 6 Burning Questions about Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

What does rhyme with “hug me”?

If you have at least one functioning ear, you’ve heard Robin Thicke’s inescapable hit “Blurred Lines.” The song just hit nine weeks at No. 1 and bailed out Stephen Colbert when his Colbchella episode got Daft Punk’d. But like Sharknado and Mayor Nutter’s vacation, the song and the accompanying video are shrouded in wonder and mystery. To bring the summer to a satisfying close, here are the answers to your burning questions surrounding 2013’s most infectious jam.

What is the song about?
Thicke has said he wrote the song in roughly an hour and that it’s “very much about my wife,” actress Paula Patton, as he told Howard Stern. “My wife is Mrs. Good Girl… gradually over our marriage I’ve turned her into a bad girl.” Pressed for details, the singer obliged: “Sexually… we’ve done just about everything. She likes it all.” Threesomes? “Out of respect for her,” Thicke said, “we just won’t answer that one.” Blurred lines, indeed.

How did Thicke’s wife react to her husband prancing around with naked women?
Rather positively, considering she prefers the NSFW version of the video and wanted to “jump [Thicke’s] bones” after seeing it. Patton evened the score with her role in this month’s 2 Guns by going topless in a scene with Denzel Washington. Ever the understanding spouse, Thicke supported her decision to bare all. “I called [Thicke] the night before and I said, ‘What do you think?’ And he’s like, ‘Go for it,’” Patton told Yahoo Movies. “He’s all about the art in the end.” Aren’t we all?

What’s up with the livestock in the video?
It makes sense that Thicke is joined by Pharrell, T.I. and a few models. But the most curious cameo is a cuddly lamb that’s held like a baby and on the receiving end of the line, “You’re the hottest bitch in this place.” When asked why his video has a barnyard theme, Thicke admits he’s a little fuzzy on that himself. “I actually don’t know where Diane [Martel, the director] got that idea from,” Thicke said in an interview with Yahoo Music. “It maybe had something to do with the song having a little bit of a country vibe.” Country vibe? Um, ok. Whatever the inspiration, Martel threw in a bale of hay and a banjo and made it work. “Immediately, I thought it was hilarious and loved it and thought it looked great,” Thicke said.

Who cares about the sheep — who are those models?
If you’ve watched the uncensored version a hundred times and still couldn’t pick Thicke out of a lineup, chances are you’re more familiar with his booty-shaking babes. The brunette is Emily Ratajkowski, a 21-year-old London-born Californian who’s grown up quite a bit since her role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Since then, she’s been everywhere from Frederick’s of Hollywood to a Turkish GQ cover and a rather porn-y fast-food commercial (below). The blonde, Elle Evans, is a 23-year-old Texas native who likes gumbo, dated Deadmau5 and lost her Miss Teen Louisiana title for an arrest on pot possession after skipping out on a $46.07 tab. The exotic beauty is Jessi M’Bengue, who was born in France and claims an Ivorian-Senegalese-Algerian ethnicity. She’s a Capricorn and a self-described “old soul.” And yes, they’re all on Twitter.

What, exactly, did Pharrell get in Jamaica?
During one of Pharrell’s falsetto breaks, he sings “I got this from Jamaica/It always works for me.” It’s safe to assume he’s not talking about a Bob Marley refrigerator magnet from the Montego Bay airport. No official explanation from the Thicke camp, but as he admitted to Stern regarding ganja, “It’s my crutch.”

What rhymes with “hug me”?
Depending on your literary bent, the song’s best or worst lyric is “You wanna hug me/What rhymes with hug me?” What indeed, Mr. Thicke? According to the rhyming dictionary, these are the options: bug, chug, drug, dug, jug, lug, mug, plug, pug, rug, shrug, slug, smug, snug, thug, tug. In the sublime kiddie-instrument version of “Blurred Lines” performed with Jimmy Fallon and Philly’s own Roots crew, Thicke seems to say “rub me” in response to the query. (Check out Questlove and Black Thought discussing this matter in the background.) Or maybe it’s “rugby,” as Thicke told this insufferable guy from iHeart Radio, likely in hopes of ending the interview as fast as possible. As with the great existential questions of our day, perhaps this one is best left unanswered.