Is This Philly’s Worst Cop? Boyer Booted From the Force

The Daily News reports that Andre Boyer, a 17-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, has been suspended with the intent to dismiss after being found guilty of four charges by a Police Board of Inquiry. Boyer had been the subject of 21 civilian complaints—more than any other officer on the force.

The Police Board of Inquiry found Boyer guilty of four charges – intention to deceive, abuse of authority, failing to follow departmental procedures for handling evidence and conduct unbecoming an officer – during a daylong hearing July 23, Ramsey told the Daily News yesterday.

The charges were connected to a 2011 case involving a man who claimed that Boyer took $6,000 from his car during an arrest and pocketed some of the cash.

“[Boyer] told several lies, based on the information that we had,” (Chief Charles) Ramsey said. “He didn’t have legal justification for seizing the money, and he failed to notify a supervisor, which you’re supposed to do when you seize that much money.”

The Fraternal Order of Police said it would “likely” file a grievance on Boyer’s behalf.