Comedian (And Stripper) Asks Penn to Refund Her Master’s Degree Tuition

Via Daniel Rubin at The Talk—and we’ll be talking about him later today—comes the story of Rachel Fogletto, who has a master’s degree in social work from Penn, has never really used it, and is tired of receiving fund-raising letters from her alma mater.

So Fogletto—a comedian who has held a variety of, um, odd jobs—has decided to turn the tables. On her Facebook page, she’s posted a plea for Penn to return her tuition:

Due to the romanticized idea I had about Ivy League education, I naively borrowed an obscene amount of money to attend your prestigious university. I am now in an oppressive cycle of debt that I have no hope of ever repaying. When I obtained my degree at the age of 24 I found myself applying for job after job with no response. I was either overqualified because of the master’s degree or under-qualified because I had no “real” experience. Since I find myself in the ironic position of now needing to be my own social worker and advocate, I thought that I’d be pro-active UPENN style. In case you haven’t caught on, I’m asking you for a donation.

I need about $120,000 dollars, but anything helps, really. My $30,000/year job just isn’t cutting it with rent, bills, credit cards, interest on loans, etc. I pretty much pay one thing so it’s not late, then live off a high interest credit card until I get “real money” again. I basically have nothing, so even if you wanted to throw me a few bucks for a coffee or a beer that would be pretty sweet too. I suppose that since you’re used to applications and proposals and such, you are waiting for me to explain to you why you should give me money. Don’t worry, I’m prepared.

First of all, my qualifications are excellent. I have an MSW from and Ivy League university. Second, I work full time, sometimes overtime if they let me. I’m working the same nonprofit job I’ve had since undergrad. It pays hardly anything and I barely make ends meet. However, I would rather work for a cause I support and love than have a job where I work in administration and am vulnerable to getting sucked into red tape bureaucracy. So don’t worry, I’m not just sitting around on my ass all day not doing anything. I’m so motivated that I’ve done all sorts of side work to make extra money in hopes that I may keep my head above water, including stripping, foot fetish parties, and other types of totally legal sex work. Don’t worry, I’m an empowered sex-positive feminist, so I was totally fine with taking my clothes off for money while working the joke, “lap dances are like naked psychodynamic therapy” into my stand-up comedy routine.

We assume Penn won’t refund her money, but then again: Fogletto might be so embarrassing that they’d just pay her to go away.