Comcast Improves Customer Service By Not Doing It

Comcast has heard the customer service complaints for years, if not decades. There’s nothing people on Twitter like to do more than gripe about (or at) Comcast for lousy/insufficient/late/mixed-up service. It’s kind of a national sport. What may surprise you? Comcast has heard your complaints. And it is responding … by getting out of your way. Philadelphia Business Journal reports:

Comcast Corp. is continuing to improve its customer service by providing less of it.

Forty percent of its installations in the second quarter were self-installations, up from 28 percent in the same quarter last year, the company’s chief financial officer,Michael Angelakis said in Comcast’s earnings conference call Wednesday, according to a transcription of it by Seeking Alpha.

Additionally, Angelakis said, 31 percent of Comcast’s customers now manage their accounts online.

“All of these improvements result in a better experience for our customers and improve productivity for our cable operations,” Angelakis said.

It’s true. Every time I can fix a problem instead of calling a technician is one less time my soul grows old with hate. Congrats, Comcast!