Ed Rendell: There’s An App For That

The next time you get stuck in traffic, Ed Rendell wants you to write an angry letter to your congressman—right then and there. Seriously. This week he introduced the “I’m Stuck” App to a grateful nation, never once considering that griping about traffic might be a sign of the always-to-be-avoided curse of “wussiness.”

Rendell explained in USA Today:

In the midst of the busy summer travel season, I’m Stuck will give Americans a chance to vent about our nation’s transportation and infrastructure woes. By alerting their elected representatives in Washington to the daily delays they are experiencing, users can encourage Congress to get serious about creating a long-term plan to start making the urgently needed investments in our roads, rails, runways, public transit, and ports.

We’ll go ahead and assume Ed doesn’t want you to write this letter while you’re actually moving. Driving and texting is dangerous!