Eagles Fans Will Be Able To Eat Top-Notch Food While Working Themselves Into Despair This Season

Let’s face it: A season that starts with Mike Vick as a legitimate contender for the team’s starting quarterback spot doesn’t actually bode all that well for the Eagles this season. Luckily, there will be other good reasons to go to Lincoln Financial Field instead of just the team on the field.

Jose Garces (of Amada, Distrito, Village Whiskey), Marc Vetri (of Amis, Osteria and his namesake Vetri) and Peter McAndrews(Paesano’s) will be introduced July 30 by the Philadelphia Eagles and the food provider at the stadium, Philadelphia-based Aramark.

The chefs will offer signature dishes at various spots throughout the stadium.

We can imagine that Garces’ duck-fat fries would go over pretty well in a football setting. Then again, there are other, less-intense places than an Eagles game to get those.