Why Has Mayor Nutter Disappeared From Twitter?

It's not like the man has a city to run.

In the past week, a number of people have asked me some version of the same question: “What’s up with Mayor Nutter’s Twitter account?”

No, the Mayor didn’t delete his Twitter account after some provocative late night tweets. And it hasn’t been hacked by Anonymous.

It’s just that the Mayor hasn’t tweeted in a while. Other than a July 4th retweet of comedian Kevin Hart, who tweeted an Instagram photo of himself with Nutter backstage at the Parkway concert, our normally Twitter-prone Mayor hasn’t been active at all on Twitter since June 17th, when he sent out two tweets, one of them congratulating chef Marc Vetri on his upcoming Navy Yard project.

Now, to some, a month of absence from the ubiquitous social media platform must have some whiff of scandal attached to it. But no, says Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald. There’s nothing to see here.

“The Mayor has been very busy with legislative initiatives both in Harrisburg and here in Philadelphia,” explains McDonald. “He was also concluding his one-year term as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. By no means has he abandoned this valuable form of communications, but he’s focused on other matters and venues for communicating in recent weeks. He uses Twitter to communicate, as well as traditional forms. I will also let the Mayor know that you want to hear from him.”

The Mayor was also, you know, penning the freaking cover story for Time Magazine.


(But can I get a retweet, yo?)