In Which Bernard Hopkins Compares Donovan McNabb to a Homeless Man

For reasons that are a little unclear but may just have something to do with class and race, Bernard Hopkins has never liked Donovan McNabb all that much. Yesterday, Howard Eskin goaded “The Alien” into reprising the act, asking him for his thoughts on McNabb’s desire to give advice to Redskin’s QB Robert Griffin III. What followed was a tirade about the fact that McNabb was basically in no position to give anyone advice about anything. Except what not to do.

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Said Hopkins, around the 4:00 mark: “Even a homeless man. Even a person. Even a dopehead. Even a this-person or that-person, they can give you advice. But is it the right advice, is the key. And if McNabb is giving him the right advice, I’ll say, ‘Help him not to become you.'” Also, he called him “Chunky Soup.”

[h/t Crossing Broad]