Quite Possibly Drunk Philly Guy Slaps Airline Pilot in DC

53-year-old Donald Gee, a Philly guy who appears to be seriously intoxicated, attempted to attack a pilot today at D.C.’s Dulles International Airport. (What is with obnoxious drunk 53-year-olds today?) Considering the amount of face-slapping that ensued, “attack” may have been a strong word choice.

Key moments

00:20 Gee delivers an impassioned “FOK You,” apparently about a delayed or missed flight.

1:40 The fight.

Gee: I’ll step outside anytime you want to.

Pilot: You don’t have to step outside, I’m right here.

Gee: You wanna go right now? *Gets up and slaps Pilot’s face*

5:15 The handcuffed walk of shame.


[CBS 3]