It’s Official: Philadelphia Traffic Court Is Dead

After all the corruption reports and legislative maneuvering this spring, today’s outcome was a foregone conclusion. Still, it’s official: Philadelphia Traffic Court is no more. NBC 10 reports:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed senate bill 334 into law Wednesday morning, according to Pa. State Senator Dominic Pileggi.

Sen. Pileggi said news accounts about the problems at the city’s traffic court were obvious justification to do away with it.

“Through the last 50 years, the Philadelphia Traffic Court has demonstrated a remarkable ability to be the center of scandal after scandal, some criminal in nature and others the result of basic incompetence,” Pileggi said. “The court has proven to be immune to all reform efforts.’

Of course, the city will still issue parking tickets. The difference? City elites won’t have friends on the court to fix them anymore — because Traffic Court was almost certainly Philadelphia’s only corrupt institution.