These Are the Victims of the Building Collapse

Six people died in the building collapse that occurred yesterday on Market Street. All were reportedly in the Salvation Army building that was destroyed. Three of them have been identified.

  • 35-year-old Kim Finnegan, of Bucks County, was working her first day at the Salvation Army store that was crushed. “She was a fiancee and a good friend to a lot of people and a good person,” said her friend Heather Sizemore, who brought flowers to the site.
  • 68-year-old Borbor Davis, of Darby County, an immigrant from the west African country Liberia. He spoke to his wife Maggie Davis 15 minutes before the collapse. “I’m not all right,” she told the Inquirer. “He passed.” Her daughter, and Borbor’s stepdaughter said, “My mother is in a state of shock. She keeps saying: ‘Oh, God, oh, God. My baby, my baby.’ She hasn’t stopped crying.”
  • 24-year-old Anne Bryan, a 2007 graduate of William Penn Charter High School, and the daughter of Philadelphia Treasurer Nancy Winkler. She was shopping at the store when she died.

Update: [4:55 p.m.] The City of Philadelphia has released the full list of casualties, along with the names of those injured. The deceased are: Juanita Harmin, Mary Simpson, and Roseline Conteh. The injured are: Susan Randall, Betty Brown, Shirley Ball, Linda Bell, Jennifer Reynolds, Nadine White, Margarita Agosta, Richard Stasiorowski, Rosemary Kreutzberg, Rodney Geddis, Felicia Hill, Daniel Johnson and Myra Plekan.

Update: [6:38 p.m.] Anne Bryan was a first-year student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.