Tickets for U.S. Open in Merion Already Ridiculously Expensive

There’s an important golf tournament taking place next week at the Merion Golf Club, our sources tell us. And it’s going to be a wee little affair.

Due to the size of the course, the number of spectators allowed in each day has been limited to 25,000, not too many more than saw Bobby Jones win the 1930 U.S. Amateur, also held at Merion. Last year’s Open at Olympic Club outside San Francisco allowed double that, or about 50,000 fans onto the course each day.

In large part because of that tininess, prices are skyrocketing. checkout the secondary markets most people use to buy tickets, and found that prices were nearly triple what they were last year. Final round tickets for this year’s tournament are selling for an average price of $330, compared to $122 in 2012 and $141 in 2011.