So, That Brooklyn Flea Philly Thing Happened This Weekend

And it was loved and hated on social media.

Sunday marked the kickoff of Brooklyn Flea Philly, the local edition of the wildly successful flea market in New York City.

As seen above, Ivanka Trump was there, but not because the Penn grad frequents the Piazza to scarf down PYT’s insane burgers. No, her husband, New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner, now owns the Piazza, and it was pretty much his idea to bring the Brooklyn Flea to us. Philly Mag reporter Simon van Zuylen-Wood, who attended the flea, observes that the couple’s offspring has a striking resemblance to The Donald. Frankly, I don’t see it.

Omnipresent Roots guy Questlove, who showed up to DJ and who is normally very prolific on Twitter, had virtually nothing to say about the flea (he gave it a 7 word mention on his Instagram page), but he had a busy weekend with the annual Roots Picnic at Festival Pier, an afterparty at Underground Arts and a post-flea session on Sunday at Morgan’s Pier. He and the Roots gang also attended the dedication of the Roots Mural on Friday. (Questlove photo via yonissj/Instagram)

Glamorous Philadelphia public relations executive Nicole Cashman checked out Brooklyn Flea Philly:

Cashman later noted that Kushner is her new landlord.

Fellow PR gal Kylie Flett of Neff Associates also attended the flea, although she isn’t a fan:

The food from Red Hook Lobster Pound and Wursthaus Schmitz looked good based on akjackie’s Instagram photo:

Although Facebooker Marc Goldfarb wasn’t sold on the lobster:

Someone felt the need to point out the presence of hipsters:

But it is the Brooklyn Flea Philly.

Speaking of which, the name hasn’t gone over well with everyone:

And PYT proprietor Tommy Up, who recently lost a tooth and a lot of blood and spent time in the hospital after some mysterious incident, noted the reaction to his new look: