Whoever Sent Ricin to Mayor Bloomberg Is a Poster Boy for Gun Control

Also, an idiot.

Dear Gun Owners, … No strike that. Most gun owners are law abiding and responsible. Dear Crazy Gun Owners, … No wait. Still too broad.

Dear Crazy Gun Person who sent letters to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg laced with the poison ricin, … Much better.

You hurt your own cause. You are mad at Mayor Bloomberg because he fights for gun control. It was a battle you and the NRA were winning. But you reminded us that YOU are exactly the type of person who shouldn’t have a gun. You are the poster boy for gun control.

Also, you helped the man you hate so much. Michael Bloomberg symbolized all those who want to take away our personal freedoms. He’s tried to ban Big Gulps, baby bottles, butter and guns. You just made him sympathetic.

And Ricin??? Really??? Do you know how many people in the history of the world have been killed by a letter laced with ricin? Exactly zero. A ricin letter is just a message to the FBI that says “I flipped my lid, Please come and arrest me.” And guess what happens next?

After you are tried and convicted, and you will be tried and convicted, your worst fear will come true. They will take your guns and the right to ever own guns again. You just made the thing you fear most and the reason you sent the letters in the first place a reality.

Finally, the debate over gun control was all but dead, you just resurrected universal background checks and put the issue back on the table. We all know that you will attempt to buy another gun from a neighbor, on the Internet or at a gun show. You are exactly the reason we need to close that loophole.

Love, Larry Mendte

P.S. You are an idiot.

I would send this letter directly to him, but he didn’t leave a return address. Maybe I’ll send it to him when he gets to prison.