PHOTOS: Snapshots From Fiery ‘Bearlesque’ Debut

The bears brought the show Saturday night during Tabu's first of many 'Bearlesque' showcases.

Though a bit overstated (and hyped well enough to impressively nail that max-capacity target), Tabu’s “Bearlesque” was frilly and fun in all the right ways when it debuted on gay time around 11 p.m. Saturday night. The show is to continue to appear on Tabu’s calendar on a once-a-month basis, with the June date still unannounced.

While I was there, I fluttered around the room and took a few snapshots of the bears (and surprising number of twinks) crowding the room.

UPDATE: G Philly phoned in to Tabu, as well as the event’s organizer, to verify that the event did reach max capacity. A change was made as a result.


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