Photos: Meet Mix “Masturbator” Mike Nutter

The unions are out protesting today in front of the Westin on 17th Street, where the Michael Nutter-led U.S. Conference of Mayors is holding an “Innovation Summit.” (They’re also marching around City Hall.) And it was there that I noticed a sign that I hadn’t seen before. Amid the familiar Bozo caricatures was a new nickname for their antagonist: Mix “Masturbator” Mike. (Get it?)

A member of Local 98 told me that the sign wasn’t new–he said it debuted at the mayor’s infamous March budget address. I don’t, however, recall seeing it there. At the very least, this might be the first time the “Masturbator” sign has been paired with Local 98’s natty new ratmobile, which debuted earlier this month. When I asked my Local 98 guy if it was, he said he did not know.

Also: I counted a total of 6 Mix “Masturbator” Mike signs in front of the Westin today. That’s got to be a record for highest usage of the word masturbator in front of a luxury hotel.