Millersville U. REALLY Doesn’t Want Governor to Speak at Graduation

Basically nobody at Millersville University is excited for the Governor of Pennsylvania to deliver their commencement address tomorrow.

They blame him for the budget cutbacks that led to the elimination of the men’s cross country and track and field program. They blame him for the reduced hours they can work at their campus jobs. They blame him for the cuts in state support that led to larger class sizes, lost jobs and high tuition.

So they are planning to protest the man they hold responsible.

Dayum! And how might they do that? Some will actually refuse to listen to the man, by wearing “black armbands over a sleeve that organizers will encourage be moved over their eyes or mouth during Corbett’s speech.” One graduating senior has another form of protest planned, which he says will involve 100 others. He’s being cagey on the details, but says that “it will be shown and known that he is not welcome.” Oh and did I mention the faculty is pissed too?

Governor Corbett’s invitation is an affront to students, faculty, alumni, and other members of our community who find both their educational goals and their livelihoods thwarted by Corbett administration policy decisions especially, but not only, his substantial budgetary cuts to the State System of Higher Education.

Looks like Corbett’s going to have to turn on that charm he doesn’t have! [Patriot-News]