Whole Foods Betrays Its Loyal Vegans, Confusing “Chick’n Salad” for Chicken Salad

You know when you’re at the cold food bar at Whole Foods and you have to check the labels to make sure your turkey isn’t actually tofurkey? Well this week, those labels have been just as confusing as the dishes themselves. 15 Whole Foods stores spread across the Northeast have been mixing up their curried chicken salad and their vegan chicken (“chick’n”) curried salad, meaning more than a few loyal vegans may have accidentally eaten their tastiest meal in years. Both items were sold on Tuesday and Wednesday this week before being recalled.

There weren’t any mix-ups in the Philly area, but here are four New Jersey stores that got Freaky Fridayed, according to a Whole Foods PR rep: Montclair, Millburn-Union, Madison, and West Orange.