Delaware Becomes 11th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

Wow, Pennsylvania. You’re starting to look increasingly alone when you look at map of states that have legalized gay marriage. Now that Delaware passed such a measure on Tuesday, we’re virtually surrounded by gay marriage in the Keystone State: It joins Maryland and New York among the mostly northeastern states that have passed marriage equality, and even New Jersey allows for civil unions. We don’t have even that here.

And why would we want such heart-warming scenes as this?

(Democratic Sen. Karen) Peterson came out publicly for the first time on the Senate floor during debate, referencing her 24-year relationship with her partner.

“Neither of us chose to be gay, any more than heterosexual people chose to be straight,” Peterson said. “Nobody gets to make those decisions any more than we decide to be tall, short, black or white. We are what God made us. We don’t need to be fixed. We’re not broken.”

Drawing laughter from the gallery, Peterson added, “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, then you need to work on your marriage.”

Or this?

Scott Forrest, 50, of Newark said he and his partner of almost 21 years, Kevin Fenimore, look forward to having the civil union they entered into last year converted to marriage.

“I am elated,” he said.

Anyway, congrats to Delaware. And Pennsylvania? Try to catch up, OK?