Corbett Loses Voting Power as Pro-Paterno Candidates Sweep Trustee Elections

The backlash to the Paterno backlash continues at Penn State, where pro-JoePa candidates swept elections for the Board of Trustees on Friday. Not at all coincidentally, the three winners–Edward Brown III, Barbara Doran, and William Oldsey–were all endorsed by the Paterno family. Several incumbents, who were on the board when Paterno was fired, lost in a landslide. Oldsey, an education publishing consultant, feels “very strongly that the Paterno legacy has to be resurrected . . . in order for us to truly move forward in the right direction.”

The Board also approved a sweeping list of changes to the way it will be governed, including the removal of voting rights for one board member in particular–the Governor of Pennsylvania. This too would seem related to Tom Corbett’s apparent involvement in Paterno’s ouster. [Inquirer]