PHL, Now Featuring Qatar Airlines

PHL may be having trouble transporting passengers to and from Scranton, but beginning in 2014, getting to Doha shouldn’t be a problem. Next March, Qatar Airlines will commence flights out of PHL. Exactly how many destinations it’ll fly to is yet unclear, but Qatar is far from just a regional airline serving the Middle East. QA also already flies out of five North American locations.

The more competition the better, when it comes to PHL’s often monopolistic ways. But one thing does worry me.

[CEO Akbar] Al-Baker also expressed his backing for the company’s decision last week to return to service its Boeing 787 Dreamliners after they were grounded by aviation authorities in multiple countries over battery issues. Qatar has five Dreamliners.

Um…think I’d rather take a Carnival Cruise to Dubai before I hop on a Dreamliner. [NBC 4]