Liza Minnelli’s NOH8 Portrait

The dazzling Cabaret star tapes her mouth shut to protest California's Prop 8.

Today, the NOH8 Campaign released legendary gay icon Liza Minnelli’s NOH8 portrait, part of the organizations silent protest against the passage of California’s Proposition 8. Liza is one of the bigger stars to pose for the campaign, which famously features subjects with their mouths taped shut to represent the voices that were silenced when Prop 8 went into effect.

According to a press release from NOH8, when asked to give a message to the LGBT community that would accompany the photo’s unveiling, Liza said, “Here’s what I believe … no shame, no blame, no guilt. Be happy. And be who you are. I love you.” Spoken like a true legend, darling.

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