Weekly Standard Tries to Connect Kermit Gosnell and Allyson Schwartz

Exhibit A that conservatives will try to use Allyson Schwartz’s past against her during her gubernatorial run. Today’s headline in the Weekly Standard: “Did Pennsylvania Democrat Allyson Schwartz Send Women to Gosnell’s House of Horrors?” (From ’75-’88, Schwartz was director a reproductive rights clinic in Philadelphia affiliated with Planned Parenthood.) The Standard‘s answer? We have absolutely no idea, but we thought we’d go ahead and assume the worst.

A Planned Parenthood official denies that Blackwell ever referred mothers seeking abortions to take the 10-minute drive across town to Gosnell’s clinic, though she did not explain how she knew this. “We have never referred to Gosnell,” said the official in an email to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Could she confirm that going all the way back to 1972, the year Gosnell first opened his clinic? The official did not immediately respond.

The race is on, folks. [Weekly Standard]