Sandy-Damaged Scratch Tickets Sickening Jersey Lotto Workers

Six months after Hurricane Sandy, the after affects are still being felt…in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Though it may be located 50 miles west of the Shore, Lawrenceville houses the state’s lottery headquarters. And it’s there, according to one employee, that workers are getting sick handling a warehouse full of moldy tickets damaged from the storm.

“We’re all suffering from headaches,” one employee told the Trentonian. “If you go into that room, you start experiencing respiratory problems. You feel like your chest is heavy and your sinuses are congested.”

The workers have been asked to account for each and every pack of damaged tickets they received, to make sure retailers were getting money back for returning the tickets. Warehouse employees, not ordinarily expected to handle such hazardous grime, were equipped with gloves, masks, and suits, but not with the respirators the state has recommended for those handling moldy debris.

A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Treasury “declined to comment if it’s proper protocol to keep mold lingering for six months where state employees work.” [Trentonian]