Tom Corbett Is Ruining The GOP For Everybody

Roll Call says Gov. Tom Corbett has become so unpopular that other Pennsylvania Republicans are nervous he’ll drag down the entire party during next year’s elections:

Local GOP operatives fear this 2014 scenario: Corbett drags down the ticket for perennial targets Reps. Patrick Meehan, Jim Gerlach, Michael G. Fitzpatrick and Charlie Dent. Meanwhile, top potential Corbett foes count southeastern Pennsylvania as their political base, driving Democratic turnout in their suburban House districts.

“The impending blowout of Corbett could cause severe Republican losses downballot, hitting hardest in the southeast,” said a top GOP operative in Pennsylvania, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly about the governor. “The old axiom is still true that any Republican majority in Congress is built on a foundation of Philadelphia collar county Republicans. It’s an untenable situation.”

A new poll, Roll Call noted, shows that only 32 percent of Pennsylvania voters think Corbett deserves a second term.