Jersey Is Becoming A Cheeseburger Lover’s Paradise

NewsWorks reports that New Jersey is fast becoming a battleground in the “better burger” wars—with franchises popping up all over the state representing Burger 21Smashburger; Cheeburger, Cheeburger; Elevationburger; Zinburger; Bobby’s Burger Palace; Five Guys and Jake’s Wayback Burgers, “to name a few.”

NewsWorks doesn’t explain why Jersey would be such an attraction to all those better-burger-purveying chains—it spends more time explaining the whole concept of “better burgers,” which, duh, fancier than McDonald’s not as fancy as a steakhouse—but, you know, New Jersey voters did give the governorship to this guy. The market kind of defines itself.

Which leads, naturally, to this musical interlude: